LieScan Smart System - Automated Reliability Assessment Service

Use our service to make your business secure

Now you can easily choose the most suitable candidate for your job without pumping for information or asking embarrassing questions!


THE LIESCAN SERVICE helps to define if the candidate or the employee has told youthe truth about himself or about some incident by means of:

  • - testing a candidate's handwritten questionnaire
  • - testing an employee's handwritten questionnaire


  • - hr-managers
  • - companies' security services
  • - recruiting and outsourcing agencies
  • - home staff recruiting agencies
  • - cleaning companies
  • - private detectives/detective agencies
  • - individuals


quickly and accurately informs you if the candidate or the employee:

  • - has substance addiction or skips work because of long drinking periods 
  • - conceals previous convictions or other problems with the law
  • - conceals stealing things at previous jobs
  • - conceals harmful intentions to the Company
  • - uses force against children or causes phychological harm to children (for child nurses and other home personnel) 
  • - conceals driving being drunk at work or bad accidents resulting from reckless driving (for drivers) 
  • - conceals other episodes that might be hharmful to the Company or the Company's clientelle 

1000 CZK
processing of one form
SMB & private persons
8000 CZK
processing of 10 forms/month
SMB & private persons
25000 CZK
processing of 50 forms/month
2000 CZK
Your own form
Development and processing

how to work with LieScan service:

  • the testee fills in the questionnaire in handwriting (it takes approximately 10-15minutes);
  • the filled-in questionnaire is scanned and either e-mailed to LieScan Service or uploaded into My Account and then it will be processed by LieScan;
  • the questionnaire processing time is 10-15 min;
  • the result is double-checked by our specialist within 5-10 min;
  • in 25-45 min you get the result.

the result is:

absolutely reliable and informative report on the main risk factors of the testee. The only thing you have to do is to make the right decision!  

Advantages Of Using LieScan:

  • Great time and money saving
  • Obtaining ready-made forms for different job positions
  • Making your own form for your special needs if necessary
  • Interviewing several people at a time
  • LieScan acts like a sieve, helping you to choose the right applicant in almost no time