LieScan Smart System - Automated Reliability Assessment Service

Use our service to make your business secure

Now you can easily choose the most suitable candidate for your job without pumping for information or asking embarrassing questions!

Easiness and Efficiency
You do not spend much time or effort on each applicant. You just explain several rules and see to it that they are kept. The whole procedure takes 20-30 minutes! That’s much better than trying for hours to figure out whether the applicant is OK with your needs and is worth spending time or money. The price for each form is €50 and you’ll get the trustworthy result in less than 2 hours!
Better Performance
You just spare your HR and Security Service time. 
Special Form for Each Job
Ready-made forms for managers, security men, administrators, nurses, etc. 
Automatic Form Processing Double Check
The filled form is scanned and loaded into your user-friendly personal account, then it is processed by the computer and rechecked by our experienced specialist. 
Vivid Lies
The applicant fills in the form in hand writing, you scan it and load it into your personal account. In less than two hours you get the result and make your decision basing on real facts. 
Psychological Comfort to Both Sides
There is nothing stressful in answering several easy but exact questions in a written form, you won’t get any difficult or unpleasant feed-back from the applicant. 
Security for your Business
LieScan drastically lowers loan default, omits employing people with social risks, finds out your employee’s bad intentions towards your business without humiliating or interfering into good-minded workers. It spares your time and nerves and makes your life much easier!
1000 CZK
processing of one form
SMB & private persons
8000 CZK
processing of 10 forms/month
SMB & private persons
25000 CZK
processing of 50 forms/month
2000 CZK
Your own form
Development and processing

Как работать с сервисом LieScan:

  • Тестируемый заполняет от руки анкету (время заполнения 10-15минут);
  • Анкета сканируется и отправляется по электронной почте или через личный кабинет в центр обработки рукописных анкет;
  • Файл обрабатывается на сервере в специальной программе (10-15 мин);
  • Специалист-графолог проверяет валидность результата и отправляет его Вам (5-10мин).
  • Через 25-45 минут результат у Вас.

Что вы получаете:

Абсолютно надежный, информативный и понятный отчет по основным факторам риска проверяемого сотрудника. Вам лишь останется принять правильное решение.

Advantages Of Using LieScan:

  • Great time and money saving
  • Obtaining ready-made forms for different job positions
  • Making your own form for your special needs if necessary
  • Interviewing several people at a time
  • LieScan acts like a sieve, helping you to choose the right applicant in almost no time